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Dr. Masurkar’s ENT, Surgical and Cancer Care Clinic

“DR. MASURKAR’S ENT SURGICAL AND CANCER CARE CLINIC”, PICC CLINIC is one of the most renowned specialty clinics in Thane, which has gained its reputation over a very brief period of time.  Expert doctors;  Dr. Snehal Masurkar, (ENT surgeon) & Dr. Vishwanath Masurkar (General and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Surgical Oncologist) to cater multispecialty and multidisciplinary services to our patients.

Dr. Masurkar’s is a comprehensive unit housing medical specialties like Ear Nose Throat Surgeon, General, And Laparoscopic Surgeon, Cancer Surgeon, Palliative Care Consultant, PICC & Ports Clinic Specialist, and Audiometry & Speech Therapy Consultant.

In the field of ENT,  We cater to patients with Ear, Nose, Throat & Vertigo complaints. High Definition Endoscopes are available for Ear, Nose & Throat Endoscopies. Audiometry assessment and the latest Hearing Aids at comparable and affordable prices are available.  Our speech therapist will help you to overcome various speech disorders and speech training post-surgery.  We have a dedicated audiometry room and a well-equipped minor procedure room.

In the field of General & Laparoscopic Surgery, Cancer Surgery our consultant surgeon will guide you with their expert opinion to diagnose and to plan surgery and further management.  To help patients who are on chemotherapy, to plan long term Intra Venous access/ Catheters, we have a dedicated PICC & PORT Clinic and a well-equipped procedure room.


Dr. Vishwanath Masurkar is a renowned General and Laparoscopic surgeon in Thane with Oncosurgey as an additional feather in his cap. He has practice experience of more than 10 years in the field of General, Laparoscopic, and Cancer Surgery. He is one of the best Cancer Surgeon in Thane. He has been working with Jupiter Hospital, Thane for more than 10 years in oncosurgery with Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery as his domain.

Dr. Snehal Yadav Masurkar, ENT surgeon has practice experience of over 10 years in the said field. She passed MBBS from  K. J. Somaiya College Mumbai and pursued her career in ENT from Mumbai Port Trust Hospital and completed it securing the highest marks and the gold medal. Afterwords completed one and a half years of registrarship in the ENT hospital situated at CST and 6 months of registrarship in Rajawadi Hospital at Ghatkopar.

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