Bleeding From Nose

Nosebleeds are a regular occurrence. They might be frightening, but they seldom signal a major medical issue. In the front and rear of the nose, numerous blood arteries are near the surface. They’re delicate and prone to bleeding. Adults and children between the ages of 3 and 10 are prone to nosebleeds.


Nosebleeds can be of two types. When the blood vessels at the front of the nose burst and bleed, this is known as an anterior nosebleed.

Other Common Causes of Nosebleeds Include:

  1. Aspirin in high dosages
  2. Infection of the upper respiratory tract
  3. Cold Air
  4. A foreign object lodged in the nose
  5. Irritation caused by chemicals
  6. Allergic Reaction
  7. Picking the nose
  8. Damage to the nose
  9. Repeated sneezing