Testicular cancer

Carcinoma rectum is a type of cancer that develops in the rectum, the lower part of the colon which connects our large bowel to the anus. Its most important function includes formation of stool for better evacuation. Our colon is made up of 3 layers, mucosa, muscularis propria and mesorectum. There are muscles and layers in our rectum that help in the sound functioning of our excretion system, but lymph nodes, also known as regional lymph nodes, mostly make the surroundings of our rectum. They are an important factor of our immune system. These layers assist in secretion of harmful external elements like bacteria and viruses. The most critical stage is when the harmful cancer cells spread from the rectum to the lymph nodes, and then to other body parts. Mucosa is the organ which is mostly affected.
The symptoms might vary as per the level of severity. These include:
• Bleeding from the rectum.
• Excessive threads of blood in the stool.
• Varied bowel habits.
• Excessive secretion of stools, gas, or repeated diarrhoea.
• Growth of rectal mass in the passage of stool.
• Obstruction in bowel movement.
• Anemia, fatigue, and at times loss of breath.
• Incomplete secretion of stool.
• Unexplained weight loss.