Breast Cancer – Beyond the Basics

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women across the world. In industrialized nations, it is the second-largest cause of cancer mortality after lung cancer. Every year, 1.67 million new cases are discovered. It is the most common cause of cancer death in less developed parts of the world. Breast cancer is more common [...]

Do’s and Don’ts after Inguinal Hernia Surgery

A hernia is a common health problem that occurs when pressure is applied to the weak abdominal muscles. A tissue or organ is pushed through a hole in another connective muscle by this pressure. It's a common medical condition that may be treated with either medication or surgery. The most common form of hernia is [...]


What is Hernia? A hernia can be seen as a restricted lump in the stomach or groin region. It normally is painless and harmless; be that as it may, some might give confined symptoms and subsequently require treatment. Dr. Vishwanath Masurkar is one the best Hernia Surgeon in Thane who uses advanced technology to perform [...]